Attunement: Become an Instrument of Peace

Every moment can be a haven of peace if you wish to make it so, a gentle retreat from the idea that your own self will is what is directing your life. If you can simply cultivate seeing and feeling yourself, from this moment, as a willing instrument of peace, joy, and love for all, you won’t have to try so hard to make it happen.

When you are engaged in effortless effort through attunement with the Divine, then you truly become a living sanctuary that others can readily perceive, like the glow of a candle that draws the world-weary to your door. That glow penetrates deep forests of sadness and dense thickets of tangled desires. It suffuses warmth into cold hearts and soothes aching bodies, tired minds.

Once you experience the wonder and satisfaction of illuminating the path for someone in need, through perhaps the simplest kind act, you will want to do so again and again. And, you will want even more to keep your own self clear and strong, knowing that a finely tuned instrument produces the purest sound, that a clean lamp shines forth the brightest light.

Doing just a little good, now and then, in this wounded world that requires so much help, will cease to satisfy you one day. When that time comes, you will embrace the reality that you can only be truly happy when you are working everyday for the well-being of others. To serve in such a selfless way is an incomparable blessing upon the world and upon your own soul. Behind that feeling of sanctuary, for which we all yearn, is none other than the luminous face of Father/Mother God, drawing you back, drawing each of us back to our real home in Spirit. Let us take the journey together.

About Tricia Clark-McDowell

I have had a passionate interest in gardening, herbalism, and the healing qualities of plants for over 40 years. My partner of 30 years, C. Forrest McDowell, and I steward our beautiful 22-acre Cortesia Sanctuary, outside of Eugene, Oregon. My lifelong interests in photography, art, nature, writing and meditation have allowed me to share my celebration of life in many ways, including gallery displays, best-selling gardening books, the creation of Cortesia Flower Essences, and the line of Cortesia Solomon's Seal products. I feel blessed to be of service, and to have a reverential relationship to Earth and all those in need.
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