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Sanctuary & Temenos — Sacred Boundary for the Soul

Our soul has a boundless desire to take in life. However, when we need a sense of safety, security, comfort, replenishment, solace, peace, and relief from worldly activities we are naturally drawn to boundaries. Boundaries of time and place are … Continue reading

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7 Principles of Reverent Gardening

We have gardened the same 2 acres at our 22-acre Cortesia Sanctuary, outside of Eugene, Oregon, for over 25 years. The zeal of our youthfulness has matured into the content of elder years. From the start, however, we challenged ourselves … Continue reading

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17 Ways to Create Inner Peace

Peace is not a commodity sold on the open market, yet it is available every step we take. It is in the free-spirit of our heart and mind. If we desire Peace on Earth and in our life, we need … Continue reading

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Livelihood Prayer

One of the most important decisions we make in life is that of livelihood. Livelihood is not simply a question of what we are going to be when we grow up. When we emphasize the concepts of a vocation, field … Continue reading

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