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Sanctuary & Temenos — Sacred Boundary for the Soul

Our soul has a boundless desire to take in life. However, when we need a sense of safety, security, comfort, replenishment, solace, peace, and relief from worldly activities we are naturally drawn to boundaries. Boundaries of time and place are … Continue reading

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The Value of Sanctuary in Daily Life

One of the most appealing features of everyday sanctuary is its universality. It is both a place in the world and a feeling of inner safety. It is a home or temple, cozy corner, garden, or deep woods; it is … Continue reading

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Beauty: A Way to Peace

Beauty is both a path toward inner peace and a path into the world. The recognition of beauty — within yourself, others, objects, architecture, animals and nature — can create a warm sanctuary for the soul in daily life. How … Continue reading

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The Grace of Daily Sanctuary

The care of our sense of spirit — the loving care of our soul — is perhaps the most challenging aspect of living on Earth today. Each day should be about finding balance between our absorption with the world and the need to find relief amidst it. If we do not find this balance, we are apt to feel distraught. One word best describes the need for soulful revitalization of our mind, body and spirit: Sanctuary. Continue reading

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“Divine Mother of the Universe” — Prayer IX by Miasha

Prayer IX Oh, Divine Mother of the Universe, how can I doubt your Love for me? In the sanctuary of your Love, grant that I may have a Mind of Peace, Pure Heart, Wisdom. Count my faults, Divine Mother, but … Continue reading

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The Beauty in Words

“That is not a tree. I asked you to draw a tree.” My life as a writer began on my eighth birthday with these words of admonishment by my art teacher. Mrs. Brubaker hovered over my interpretation of a redwood … Continue reading

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