Donald Trump’s repeated deriding of Senator Elizabeth Warren by using the name Pocahontas is offensive, insulting, and rude, not only to an individual but to Native Americans as a whole. “I think he definitely says it as a slur,” said Jacqueline Pata, executive director of the National Congress of American Indians. “No matter how he feels about Elizabeth Warren, to throw that out there is disrespectful to real Native Americans.”


Trump claims: “She’s got about as much Indian blood as I have . . . Elizabeth Warren is a total fraud. I know it. Other people know it who work with her know it . . . She is a racist”

Trump says there is a reason he (and his tribe of goonies) call Senator Warren goofy and Pocahontas. He actually believes she is racist by claiming 1/32 Cherokee blood!

Arguments aside, as Ms. Pata notes, the real Pocahontas (not the fictional Disney movie caricature) has a deep and even painful legacy for Native American tribes such as the Powhatan in Virginia. In Powhatan lore, Pocahontas gained hero status for saving the life of a white man and was later kidnapped by the English. After being held hostage and forced to marry, she died in 1617 in England at the age of 21. In short, Pocahontas died away from her people and of a disease that was brought by the Europeans. Any casual use of her name to discredit another person also discredits Pocahontas’s memory; in the same way calling Native Americans “Redskins” slurs all tribes.

It is disgusting to continually hear Trump’s adolescent name-calling taunts towards people, women, races, religions, the alter-abled, and the like.

To wax puniness, as my accompanying meme suggests, and given Trump’s penchant about women, their breasts, his own gloating of sexual prowess, and of course a disturbing preoccupation with Pocahontas — I clearly see now that it is:



About C. Forrest McDowell, PhD

I am blessed to be a co-steward for over 30 years of the beautiful 22-acre Cortesia Sanctuary outside Eugene, Oregon, with my partner, Tricia Clark-McDowell. My lifelong interests in wellness care, psychology, nature, music composition & performance, writing, and meditation fuel my celebration for life. My form of service is founded upon the elemental practice of kindness and reverence for life. Of course, to understand the value of deep respect for life, we also have to accept irreverence as part of human nature and to know that it can be very disruptive and destructive to peace, safety, beauty, joy and love.
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