On June 12, Christian Schneider of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel described Trumpus Americanus as “a cockroach in the GOP’s cocktail.” I think we need to take this Trump-cockroach thing more seriously. It seems there is an infestation of sorts happening right now in America and spreading throughout the world.

TrumpusAmericanusBut it started 70 years ago.

On June 14, 1946 a mutated, indestructible, short-fingered cockroach was born in the borough of Queens, New York. The parents, Mary Anne and Fred Trump, adored this new little mutant, the fourth of five offspring.

If the Trumps had a little better understanding of astrology, they might have timed their reproductive instincts to, let’s say, create a softer type of bugger born under a different night sky. But alas, this just was not in their lusty stars.

At the moment of his birth, Donald Trump’s Sun was in Uranus. Astrologists suggest, metaphorically speaking, that it is really a pain to have your Sun in Uranus. No, it is not a pain for the Trumpus Americanus cockroach itself (I refuse to acknowledge the Donald as human) — it is a pain for everybody it comes in contact with!

Additionally, the GOP cockroach’s Gemini sun (ahem, his vanity, ego, arrogance, hubris, etc.) eclipses his Sagittarius moon (oops, no wonder he seems cold-hearted, emotionally distant). The result is a radicalized impersonal beastie who disdains following the lead, but instead chews (eclipses) its way through relationships, opportunities and confrontations as it manipulates itself throughout society.

Astrologist Alex Miller of The Mountain Astrologer says Trump is a “born rabble-rouser, someone who delights in shaking up the establishment, rocking the boat, messing with the status quo, defying convention and he’s not overly concerned about who he offends or disrupts along the way.” Ahem, that seems to describe the personality of a cockroach!

All this supports the title Trumpus Americanus as the official name for this mutated GOP cockroach. It also supports why we should be so alarmed.

This vile bugger has now infested all of the United States. And it is threatening the world. Trumpus Americanus the cockroach has infested every fabric of our society, chewing through values and mores like soft wood. It is now seen in places of worship, behind some pulpits; in corporate boardrooms and public courtrooms. There are actually politicians, commentators, preachers, entertainers, money mongrels, and heroes who daily accept and feast on this mutant as if it were a chocolate-covered wafer that promises salvation from whatever.

I don’t know how a dumbed-down society can rid itself of a vile cockroach that has no reverence for life. Its enough that Trumpus Americanus stares us in the face at every turn, branded by the media, upheld and adored by millions of followers, abhorred by even more millions of anti-followers.

I am simply dumb-founded that America could ever possibly elect a cockroach as president, let alone follow it to the ballot box in the first place. But then again, America is one of the world’s great stages for birthing antiheroes.

I never considered a cockroach as an antihero. Sounds cool. But as I have now observed the irreverent behaviors of this mutated low-life Trumpus Americanus, I am convinced that United States citizens, and citizens of the world must collectively, figuratively and literally put our foot down immediately!

Oh, I’m sorry, was that the crunchy sound of a squished Trumpus Americanus?


About C. Forrest McDowell, PhD

I am blessed to be a co-steward for over 30 years of the beautiful 22-acre Cortesia Sanctuary outside Eugene, Oregon, with my partner, Tricia Clark-McDowell. My lifelong interests in wellness care, psychology, nature, music composition & performance, writing, and meditation fuel my celebration for life. My form of service is founded upon the elemental practice of kindness and reverence for life. Of course, to understand the value of deep respect for life, we also have to accept irreverence as part of human nature and to know that it can be very disruptive and destructive to peace, safety, beauty, joy and love.
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